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Wednesday 21 March 2018

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Wednesday 21 Mar 2018

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Posted on: 28 May 2015

Alhaj Salieu Njie's photo.

Tonight, after Maghgrib prayers we will enter first of Shabban which is the 8th month of the Islamic calendar. Last month was Rajab, this month is Shabban and next month is Shahru Ramadan Al-Mubarak.

Osama son of Zaid – may Allah be pleased with them – narrated “I said:...O Messenger of Allah why don’t I see you fast on other months like your fasting in Shaban?!”
The Prophet said “that is a month (Shaban) which people neglect between Rajab and Ramadan. In that month the people deeds are being raised to the Lord of Mankind, so I love that that my deeds are being raised while I’m fasting” [Declared as Hasan or authentic by Al-Albani]

Sadly, most muslims nowadays refused to pay attention to these holy months. Only very few muslims fast the whole month of Ramadan, while the vast majority claim all sorts of excuses and sicknesses just to avoid fasting. Nothing is hidden from Allah. Fasting helps to purify the hearts and souls of muslims.

Dry the tears of a muslim, do not shed one and Allah will be happy with you. May Allah forgive the sins of every true muslim, for those pretending to be muslims may Allah change their hearts and guide them into Islam. Amen.

Keep the peace

Alhaj Salieu Njie's photo.
By Alhaj. Salieu Njie